February 22, 2017

Block Color Subjects


Saw this picture on Instagram and I immediately wanted to draw it.


First….I made a grid for the blocks of color….Then I drew the contour of the subject.


I adjusted a few things, and played with the watercolor.  A good simple exercise to get me back in line to draw people in watercolor.


On another day…I didn’t want to think about drawing, but I wanted to paint.  So I made a bunch of random squares and rectangles, then proceeded to color them in.



Zoned out to Adele….


This quote has stuck with me.  I know there’s One that wants me at my best… 

February 18, 2017

Plein Air…. Drink and Draw


This is my favorite Adult Beverage….but I was not drinking it when I drew this pic off of an image on my ipad.  This drawing was for the July World Watercolor Monthly Challenge.


And this one was at Starbucks….where it’s White Chocolate Mocha’s that I digest!  Yum!


And another Starbucks setting, where I wanted to capture the subjects in a bigger mode, as in, the people take up all the space in my moleskine….Ran out of time ….again!


This one is hard…College football games can be quite distracting…lots of movement, lots of Energy!  Love that Energy, unless it’s being directed to me in the form of  “Why aren’t you paying any attention to the game?”!  Gotta love the honesty of loved ones (offspring), but you also gotta do what you gotta do to survive a 4 hour event Smile  .


During this football game….less energy than the seats in the middle of the “student/band crowd”….where I could actually capture some details….And to my chagrin, enjoy the game.


With my schedule…I’m usually ready for dinner at 4pm…so on the days that I’m not responsible for dinner at home….I’ll head out to a local restaurant where hopefully people have bellied up to the bar and I can practice my art!  And by the time I’ve consumed a beer or two….I’ve made some new friends out of the staff or the patrons.


The absolute hardest part about drawing people in public….is them spotting me!  Cuz sometimes they’ll totally change stance, or they keep looking my way….hard to notice details when I have to keep averting my eyes!   I swear the guy in green was on to me!


Pubs are a really good place to practice brick-painting.  As in copying the look of brick in watercolor.


I learn the best from my pieces after posting them somewhere.  Here is no exception….those table angles look like the back wall was not even.   I now know I’ve got to get that perspective right early on. 

Pub5 (2)

This piece was done last week….I really tried to use the lesson from the last piece and keep those table angles in line!  I could do this every day!  I’d learn something new everyday too!

February 17, 2017

Plein Air….Florals


So for the July Watercolor Challenge….I thought I’d try florals in a still-life mode.  It was fun!


Then later that month, I thought I’d try a single rose.


In August….I tried this floral. Should’ve done more flowers…I think I was concentrating on the greenery.


And who amongst us does not like hanging florals?  Good July purchase which doubled as a Daily July watercolor challenge.


Another July watercolor daily challenge piece!  I believe in florals…bring them in to add to environmental beauty and health benefits!  All that Oxygen (O2)…gotta love it Smile


One early summer day….I stayed in the car and painted these gorgeous hanging florals from an outdoor nursery…..then it started to rain!  Thankful for the cover.


And most recently….last week…my view from my studio!  My Christmas cactus is blooming…so I must doing something right Smile

February 16, 2017

Plein Air….Beaches and Boats


Mid-February in the Ohio Valley has me daydreaming of warmer days!


Brought my moleskine out to the beach one day last summer!   Watercoloring in this environment is a lot harder than I thought it would be…..Sand is always shifting and winds are always blowing.


Had a nice meal at a beach-side pub one afternoon. Then I ran out of time to really get my watercolor on.


Hung out at a marina another morning before it got too hot.


On this outing, I stepped back to try and capture all the boats under a covered dock.


Apparently I only saw the left side of boats on this drawing day.


And last, the great lawn of a popular local restaurant with all these fun chairs.

February 13, 2017

Plein Air….Hands and Tools


Just like any other trade or skill….even artists use tools to help them perform their task. 
I used this compass to help me make even wedges for for the above color grid watercolor.


And the tools I used here were gray & black watercolor, a ruler and a black micron pen.


I bought these three hands a few years ago at Hobby Lobby and painted them white for my Gallery Wall.  I was looking for something to watercolor each day when I was participating in the July World Watercolor Month daily challenge.  So I picked these quirky hands.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

When I was stuck on what to draw in the July daily challenge, I drew some of my Art Supplies…because who doesn’t love art supplies?  And I especially like drawings of art supplies!


And to close here is another oldie…. a collegiate swimmers hand.  She was a team-mate of my daughter’s…a very good backstroker.  This was how her hands entered the water…….So Graceful!

February 12, 2017

Plein Air….Sports


I have used Windows Live Writer as my blogging editor since 2010.  I loved it and it was intuitive and Free!  But Windows dropped supporting it back in Oct 2015, which left me in a bind.   I posted a few posts thru blogger in 2016, but found it cumbersome and lacked much of the functionality that I enjoyed with Live Writer.

I am happy that Live Writer went open source and there are people out there that have figured out a way to make this work for your average non-html code writer like me.  I’m back to blogging and will be posting picture/drawings here that I drew last year but was unable to post.    If you follow me on Instagram you will be familiar with some of the drawings.  Since my head likes to keep things organized and I have missed this way of indexing my art.  I will be posting them now with my notes about the process.

Here goes…

I was getting stir crazy to draw after Christmas last year and found my way onto some competitive wind-surfing sites.  So….I did what I do and drew a picture from my computer monitor.


Ideally I would’ve rather drawn these in person….or better yet…wind-surfed myself.
But alas, since I haven’t wind-surfed since my late 20’s, I don’t think I would’ve been up for the physical challenge…so that left me with the mental challenge.


Every time I sit down to watercolor things like this, I picture beautiful and whimsical watercolor paintings, where you catch a glimpse of small details thru the way the colors of watercolor have been absorbed onto the paper!…..Well, that’s what I pictured…but what happens in real-time….. details…..I start drawing in all those little details.


When I come to terms with the fact that detail-painting seems to be my style… I’ll take a shot at something like this.  I find that I can relax amongst all those angles, features and components.  And....change the color of my bike in an instant, haha.


When my instagram feed was loaded with images like this during the Summer Olympic Trials last July……Again….my head saw more flowy-colors and swirling-whimsy…but my hand drew details.


So…for this drawing I girded myself to just go-for-the-detail and not worry about recreating a whimsy-watercolor piece.


And to close… a simpler piece from a few years ago…that I took out and touched up last year…..Detail-Apparent!

February 11, 2017

The Human Figure In Motion

I recently bought this book The Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge and proceeded to draw some of the figures portrayed in this large book.

The book contains 195 “plates/pictures” of a person taken in burst mode.  The book was published in 1955 so it took a sophisticated camera and lots of editing skills to create this wonderful aid for artists.

File Feb 10, 5 20 59 PM

Here is Plate 5.  Much of the plate pictures are smaller than these here, and Yes….lots of the people are nude!   Oh My!

When I draw these people…a particular section of a plate….it forces me to pay attention to the angles of the knees, ankles, wrists, necks, elbows, etc.  Lots of things that would be hidden if they were fully clothed.


The other thing that it forces me to do….is to paint in the less-is-more technique.  To use white space.


First I contoured the lady’s figure.


And for some reason….I thought she’d look good in purple! 


This lady cracks me up…..her pose and her cigarette!  What a rebel!!


Going with the negative white space….I really wanted to try my hand at creating shapes with better shadows.


Painted these in a faster clip to get the jest of the movement.


And my handstand guy!  If people know me they will know that I too, like to get inverted when I can…haha!


Training the hand to imitate the eye ….Once done, that’s where I recognize my mistakes!
All in all, a very good exercise!  I will re-visit this soon Smile

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